When it comes down to it, weight loss is all about what you eat.

However, there are sneaky tricks we can do to put ourselves in the right frame of mind to eat well and be active.

Here are four weight loss tricks you need to try!

Don’t Shop When You Are Hungry

Shopping on an empty stomach has a proven direct correlation with unhealthy food choices. When we shop when we are hungry we pick the foods or portion sizes that will ‘satisfy’ the most and the quickest, which usually means processed foods.

When you decide to shop when you are full your mind isn’t on the quick fix, so you can stay focused on buying the healthiest options.

Keep Moving Outside Of Exercise Hours

In recent years, research has found that when our muscles aren’t moving at all our metabolism is also resting. This means that if you are sitting completely still, you are preventing your body from burning any extra calories.

There is an easy fix to this though! If you’re watching TV, make sure to keep yourself moving with just frequent taps on the remote. Listening to music is great for this as you can tap, kick or nod along to the beat.

Wear Active Wear Clothing

This is a perfect example of putting yourself in the right mindset through other things.

Waking up and putting on the clothes that you would wear to the gym as opposed to jeans and a jumper increases your desire and chance of exercising and having an active day!

So this weekend opt for the shorts and tee.

Eat Your Meals Looking Into The Mirror

Studies have shown that when we eat whilst looking at ourselves in the mirror we are more self-aware of what and how we are eating.

If you are eating a cheeseburger with fries you have to experience the discomfort of watching yourself eat unhealthy food. Not only this, but it will help you create healthy eating habits and will help with portion sizes, as the uncomfortability with watching yourself eat will lead to shorter eating times.