The #1 breakfast habit to get into if you want to lose weight is SURPRISE! actually having breakfast.

Now while the majority of you roll your eyes keep reading.

You will be surprised how many people skip breakfast either from lack of time or choices and are only able to grab a cup of coffee to get you going.

What happens is by lunchtime you’re ready to eat your arm and either end up making bad choices due to hunger or overeating snacks throughout the day to make up for it.  On top of that, you get home and dive into the pantry, and a few beers before dinner shows up and let the vicious cycle continue.



The key is to have a HIGH PROTEIN breakfast that gives you the energy to tackle the day.

First of all, breakfast refuels your body and brain after a nighttime fast. That’s why what you choose to eat for breakfast is as important a decision as choosing to have breakfast.

This will set the stage for your eating for the rest of the day and you won’t be bothered by the snack monster ending in bad choices. Breakfast also fuels your brain so you can make smarter & controlled food decisions.

The Man Shake works because it’s PACKED with protein and everything else you need to deal with what the world throws at you. It also only takes 60 seconds to make, if you don’t have a spare 60 seconds in the morning then you have bigger fish to fry!

If you do have more time for breakfast in the morning and are happy to whip something up we have a few recipes below that will blow your mind.