I’m just going to say this out loud, losing weight is frustrating.

It’s something that can keep you up at night and have you screaming at the scales first thing in the morning but it’s something that can’t be rushed. All you need is the right tools, mindset, and understanding of what is going in your mouth to hit your goal sooner rather than later.

While the numbers on the scales may lead you to obsession you need to think about losing FAT over WEIGHT.

It’s that excess bulge that’s hanging around your mid section and it’s called Visceral fat and this is the bad stuff we as blokes need to focus on first and foremost.

Visceral fat covers your abdominal organs and can be the most harmful fat over time to affect your health in a very negative way. Now, this stuff won’t just melt off overnight but a steady lifestyle change is the best place to start.

How do I do that?

It’s about starting with what goes in your mouth on a daily basis and it’s not about exact calories but the type of calories you are eating that will ultimately make the difference in your fat loss. The best place to start is limiting your intake of trans fat and any added sugar (or sugar in general) then start focusing your meals around protein and getting more fibre into your diet.

Despite popular belief, The Man Shake isn’t a magic pill.

There I said it and to be honest there is no miracle food that can make your visceral fat disappear overnight either, but what you can do is eat and live a balanced lifestyle that includes higher amounts of protein, The Man Shake, and your daily serving of veggies.

Eating vegetables on a daily basis will help you grow up big and strong just like Popeye. Turns out good old Popeye was onto something with all those tins of spinach keeping his waist trim and muscles huge when he needed them.

Spinach is loaded with nutrients, which makes it very nutritious and healthy for your body. It’s rich in Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants – all of which have been linked to shrinking belly fat.

The main reason spinach is one of the best vegetables for weight loss and maintaining overall health is its high fibre content. Additionally, spinach is a low-calorie vegetable, which means you can pretty much eat a pile of it without overdoing it and still have fewer calories.

The one thing you didn’t know is that spinach is packed with protein especially if you cook it as one cup of cooked spinach equals about 5 grams of protein and one cup of raw spinach is less than one! so don’t just think about boring salads but you can find spinach in recipes like the below

Most of us don’t realise how important protein is on daily basis for fat loss, because hitting your protein goals for the day is very important to shrinking belly fat, and spinach helps you get there.