One of the biggest misconceptions about healthy eating is that you have to strictly eat salads, never eat the things you love and starve yourself all of the time. When in fact, this is quite the opposite.

The key to eating healthy is having a healthy balance. You can still enjoy foods like ice cream and cake whilst you are eating nutrient-dense foods each day.

This is easier said than done though, so we’ve put together six healthy eating hacks that you can use to kickstart your weight loss.

Eat Fruit Or Veggies With Every Meal

One of the easiest ways to make every meal healthy is by adding fruit or vegetables to it. A simple side salad to a dish is sometimes all you need to take your meal over the healthy line.

You can also achieve this by cooking the veggies or fruit into your meal, for example, cooking scrambled eggs with spinach!

If you’re stuck for ideas, avocados are one of the best options to incorporate. They are filled with healthy fats and will keep you full for longer!

Avoid The Aisles At The Shops If Possible

Shopping around the perimeter of the supermarket is where you will find fresh foods like meats, vegetables, fruits, and dairy products.

Keeping this in mind next time you are at the shops will help you purchase healthier foods, which will in turn bring about healthier meals.

Snack, Snack, Snack

We can’t stress this enough: snacking is not the enemy. As long as your snacks are healthy.

Snacking on foods like fruit, nuts, and greek yoghurt will keep you moving until your next meal and will help you beat your hunger pains.

Be sure to plan your snacks out for each day just like you would your meals.

Eat Fibre-Filled Foods

Ensuring you have a diet packed with fibre-filled foods is one of the best things you can do for your body. Fibre helps with our digestion and can assist in weight loss.

Examples of foods that are high in fibre include wholegrain bread, berries, carrots, beans and nuts.

Pack Your Freezer 

There are so many healthy foods that you can freeze and store for a rainy day.

Having the option to pull out lean meat or vegetables from the freezer will mean you are less likely to order take-away.

Surround Your Favourites With A Healthy Option

If it’s a Saturday night and all you want is a burger or fried chicken, make sure you are giving yourself a side of something healthy like fruit, veggies or salad.

This way you are still able to enjoy your treat whilst still giving yourself a more nutritious meal.