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My names Peter Catton from Adelaide. I’m 54yrs old, 5 foot 9, and weighed in at a buck twenty (120kgs). I played moderate levels of Cricket and Footy (AFL), and still play Golf. Whilst I’ve always been a solidly build bloke, I just assumed the extra 10, 15 or 20 kilos wouldn’t matter too much given my original “playing weight”, I WAS WRONG.

Since reaching my 50’s I’ve been having annual blood tests (typically screening for Prostate cancer). My GP suggested a blood test for Diabetes. Whilst a little apprehensive as I half expected what the result was going to be but was living in denial. I thought why not, something must change in the way I’m treating my body.

As expected, the result came back positive. I was officially a type 2 diabetic with high pressure and a swath of other manifesting problems – fatty liver etc. Whilst I consider myself to be a reasonably intelligent man, to let myself get to that point was sheer stupidity. I could blame it on work, a carb addiction and a host of other things. It was about time I stopped living in denial and owned it. After all, I AM MY MOUTHS GATEKEEPER.

That was the trigger point.

Sidenote: If you weren’t aware, the effects of type 2 diabetes (known as the silent killer) are horrendous – stroke, heart disease, loss of sight and loss of circulation resulting in digits and/or possible limb amputation, this was a test result that hit home and I thank the candidness of my GP.

I’d tried other programs, but not a weight loss supplement as such, and whilst I successfully lost a few kgs, like many of those diets, they simply weren’t sustainable.

I’d seen Merv Hughes on The Man Shake TV Ads and having met Merv briefly on a golf trade day a few years back I knew he was a regular bloke. I thought, “if he can do it, so can I”.

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I received my first order of The Man Shake in mid-May 2020 and since the beginning I’ve had a shake for breakfast and lunch, healthy snacks (via Adam’s book) in between and had a reasonably large dinner consisting of lean protein and loads of leafy greens. I snack on almonds, dried beans plus celery and carrot sticks (In the essence of full disclosure I should mention my family and I have decided to have a “cheat night” once a week – which is typically home-made pizza).

I have to say, I’m rarely hungry – the shakes leave me feeling full. I still have a “play date” with my footy & cricket mates from time to time (beers), which probably goes too long, but I reckon I deserve it, lol.

My GP suggested I purchase a blood pressure gauge to track my BP while results as I attempted to get myself healthy.

When I began with the shakes I weighed in at 120kgs (all extra kgs were around my gut). After 3mths of TMS, healthy eating and some walking (chalky knees, so I can’t run). I’ve dropped almost 18kgs 2 pant sizes (now 38”) and 2-3 shirt sizes. I now weigh about 102kgs. My GP and Dietician are praising the results, calling them “phenomenal”. But in my opinion, the most important test was still to come: The diabetes-related HbA1C test. Remembering my initial test was conducted on May 7th 2020. Diagnosed as a Diabetic with a reading of 8.4, with my GP hoping I could get it down to low 7’s. After just 3mths my reading is now 6.1, meaning my Diabetes is under control – provided I continue to do what I’m doing, and to be honest, why would I change a thing?

I walk 18 holes of golf and could probably go again, previously I’d get to the 15th / 16th and be pretty worn down and ready to get off the course. My energy levels are through the roof (for a 54yr old, lol) and I have my enthusiasm back. Best of all, I’ll be around with my family for years to come.

I’ll be sticking with The Man Shake, tastes great, and has been a significant component to my improved health and weight loss story. I’d highly recommend it to anyone considering starting a weight loss program.

One last point, and I’m not sure if anyone has commented on this yet, but as most overweight blokes would know: A typical big blokes meal when you’re on the road is a coupla pies, a donut and a can of soft drink or Iced Coffee. While the calorie count be through the roof, so is the cost – The Man Shake meals are just $2.34, which probably equates to a daily saving of $12 – $15 or about $3,000 – $4,000 a year. I was literally paying “overs” for my own ticket to death’s door.

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