Weight loss is not a physical challenge, it is a mental challenge. Knowing you want to lose weight is one thing, but actually stopping yourself from eating the wrong foods, picking yourself up to do exercise, and making the right decisions all start from your mind.

Without a healthy mindset, a weight loss journey can seem like an impossible task.

People who suffer from mental illnesses are 50% more likely to gain weight. Conquering your weight will not only help your physical health, but your mental health will benefit as well.

Prioritise Sleep

Research has found that there is a clear link between poor sleep and stress, unhealthy eating behaviours and depression. A good night’s sleep is important for your mental health and your physical health.

To ensure you are getting the best rest possible, set up your bedroom for success. Remove electronics like your TV, phone or computer, block out as much light as possible and reduce the noise.

No More Diet

As soon as you start saying you are on a diet, you start to miss the foods you are limiting and cravings start to appear.

Instead of labelling yourself as on a diet, slowly turn your poor eating habits into healthy ones. Week by week remove a food from your diet and replace it with something healthy. Then the week after that swap another food out.

Weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint. Slowly this will become your new lifestyle, and your strengthened willpower will help you overcome those cravings when they do kick in.

Keep A Food Diary

Research has highlighted that keeping a food journal can double your weight loss results. Not only this, but keeping a food diary can help with helping avoid stress and seeing where you are going wrong in your diet.

You can do it all from your phone too on apps like My Fitness Pal.


Exercise is a great tool for a positive mindset and a healthy body. When you exercise your body releases ‘feel-good’ endorphins which improve your overall mood.

If you hate particular exercises, don’t do them! Find what works for you and stick with that until you want to change it up. There is something for everyone.