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Read reviews from the thousands of Aussies who have tried The Man Shake. See what they have to say about our products and how using The Man Shake has helped them to hit their weight loss goals and improve their day-to-day lives.

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The Man Shake

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Very surprised – Scott

“I was somewhat sceptical to say the least but I have been well and truly converted. Have loved the flavours and the mate ship on the Facebook group. Well worth the effort. I am under 100kg for the first time in 25 plus years.”

The Fast Weight Loss Pack

The Fast Weight Loss Pack
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It Really Works – Michael

“Dropped 8 kilos in about 8 weeks. The hardest part is getting off the sugar but once you are through the first week it does become a lot easier. Basically have stuck to the plan 6 days a week by having cereal for breakfast, some fruit for morning tea and salad for lunch then a man shake for dinner. The seventh day I normally switch it around and going out to dinner to have a nice meal to celebrate my weeks effort. No pain no gain and I am really feeling the benefits now. Don’t think about jumping on board… just jump on.”

The Man Shake Vegan

Vegan Man Shake
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Great option – Rob

“I suffer from migraines which means I am unable to drink normal whey proteins. The Man Shake Vegan is a great alternative and does not give me any headaches whatsoever. A vegan Man Bar would be great to see in the future..”

Immunity Booster Pack

immunity booster pack
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10/10 – Dave

“Taken the shakes only for the last 14 days. Couldn’t believe on the first day the amount of energy I felt. Kept me going all day every day. Just ate healthy snacks though out the day. Come home after 2weeks at work and lost 8kg I would recommend the man shake to anyone this stuff really works”

The Man Fuel

The Man Fuel
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Great taste – John

“Before I bought the Man Shake and the Man Fuel I would always snack at night after dinner be it chocolate, biscuits, chips etc. Since I started drinking the Man Fuel, these snacks and cravings have stopped. So not only has it helped me with that, it actually tastes excellent. Highly recommended.”

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