Yep, it’s true! Weight loss is a numbers game and if you keep your calories low then the scales will follow suit, but it’s not that easy in our modern times where there is food and temptations at every corner. So it’s important to pay attention to your environment wherever you go and set yourself up for success.

The key here is to create your own food environment as doing this can have a massive impact on you staying on track.

What’s a “food environment” you say?

Well to put it simply it’s addressing the areas in your daily life that contain food like at home, work, and on social occasions. These places can be the difference between having a good or bad day depending on what’s staring you in the face.

Actively creating a food environment that suits your weight loss journey will ultimately set you up for success no matter where you go. It will also help build up your consistency and routine as the weeks go on making it even easier for you to stick to the program and kilos falling off.

So we have put together some of the best hacks to get you locked into creating new habits.⁣⁣

Time to keep it real simple fellas, If it’s not there you can’t eat it.

Honestly, if I had my favourite foods in the house of course I’m going to snack on them not stop but moving them out of sight or out of the house altogether will help you in those times of weakness where those extra calories can quickly add up.

Now, this is easier said than done considering the number of ads rolling through your tv (ours included *wink) but seriously it’s about redirecting your attention when you see a glorious burger ad that will tip you over the edge.

I’m not telling you to run out of the room screaming but quickly change the channel or jump up and go grab some water, it’s all about timing.

When the munchies hit it’s a good idea to have the right food in front of you.

So make sure you’re prepared and have your fruit bowl stocked, protein bars handy, and low-calorie snacks ready to go. Even better have a water bottle already full so you can have an option to drink that instead.

Otherwise known as the “lion’s den” these days so many companies and businesses have these break rooms stocked to the brim with high-calorie snack foods!

Now, this looks great to most people but to someone on the journey can knock you off the rails very quickly. The easiest thing to do is grab your shake or lunch and sit far far away or outside in the fresh air. You might cop some grief from the boys but you will have the last laugh.

The more aware you are of triggers the better.

Like maybe your drive home from work is littered with fast food drive-throughs or the last servo before home that has fresh Krispy Kreme calling your name. If you’re still working on self-control then start looking for other ways home that are less enticing. It may seem simple but it works.