My names Jay, I’m in my 30’s from Somerville Victoria and Ive lost 24kg in 4 months.

Since being married and having kids along with a job that takes up a lot of my time, my health became nonexistent as I started to stack on the kgs without even thinking about it.

It wasn’t until a visit to the doctor for some regular check-ups that I got the wake-up call that I need to do something.

I was also finding it difficult to do the things I enjoyed like waterskiing and motorbike riding along with keeping up with my very active kids.

Since losing the weight I have noticed changes across the board, not just in appearance, but mentally I feel I can tackle anything.

I like to mix up my flavour orders. I tend to add an extra 100ml so they aren’t as thick. I enjoy all the flavours and don’t really have a favourite.

I’ve tried a variety of diets in the past with nothing really working for me. Few guys at work had been on the Man Shake and recommend it so I thought why not give it a crack. I’ve even now got my wife onto the Lady Shake and she is kicking goals.

The biggest difference I’ve noticed since being on the Man Shake is my energy levels are through the roof. I’m back running every day and loving it. It’s my time to just zone out on the world.

It’s so simple to follow and fits so easily into my daily routine which is typically go go go. I can’t recommend this product enough it’s done me the world of good and as I mentioned before I got my wife onto it and she is seeing some amazing results in such a short time.

The Man Shake is now part of my new lifestyle. I will be continuing on this journey for years to come making the shake part of my daily routine.

All I can say is don’t wait for tomorrow. Give it a go and I’m sure you will see great results in such a short time.