I’m a 30-year-old chef from Western Sydney (Penrith).

Growing up I was always known as the garbage bin as I would eat anything. Anyone’s leftovers at family dinner would come my way.

In high school, I played many different sports including Rugby league and cricket in the summer. Until I was in year 12 when I tore my ACL and badly dislocated my other knee on a jumping castle. My sporting days were over. However, I still ate like I was an Athlete.

In high school, I started working at McDonald’s and then making pizzas on the weekend. Working in that environment meant I was always eating and I slowly put on a few kgs.

It was around 2015 when I tried losing weight for the first time and lost 20 kgs before I got married but then slowly put it back on.

It was a combination of two things my mum being told she had diabetes and when I went for a suit fitting for my mate’s wedding and I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. I had hit 110kg at my heaviest and I was really unhappy with the person staring back at me.



To date I have lost 30kg using The Man Shake.

The top reasons I wanted to lose weight and become healthy was for my wife and young daughter. I also wanted to be able to look at myself and be happy with what I see and was for my general health and well-being.


Now that I have finally lost the weight the biggest difference I have found is that I have so much more energy to run around after my young daughter, I wake up in the morning full of energy and less lethargic.

I also feel so much better looking at myself in the mirror and feel so much better in my clothes. It is also a great feeling when people compliment you on how you look and ask you how you lost so much weight.

Working as a chef in a pizza shop and being around food all day every day makes it really tough to stay on track but I overcome it by packing my favourite flavour shakes, snacks, x50s and my steak and salad dinner.

I become unhappy if I forget or miss my shakes.

The Man Shake fits so easily into my daily life.

I am currently following the Jurdman Plan :
9am Coffee
10 am Shake
12 pm Snack (yo pro and man bar)
2 pm Shake
4 pm Snack ( yo pro)
6 pm Dinner

And I add couple of X100s or X50s as my drinks throughout the day.

This works for me as I have a man shake as soon as I get to work. It is also much more cost-efficient.
I find I eat more now and feel alot better for it. I look forward to each meal and snack.



I highly recommend the Man Shake. I have convinced a handful of friends and family to try the Man Shake and Jurdman Plan as it has worked for me.

Along with the healthy snacks, Man Shakes and Dinner I feel that I eat more now then I ever have.

The Man Shake has changed my life for the better. I have so much more energy to run around after my 4 year old and feel so much healthier.

It’s really good when people notice and I can happily say it was all the Manshake.

Im following the Jurdman Plan and still using the Manshake drinking 2 Shakes a day and along with my healthy dinner and snacks.

I plan on staying on the Shakes for a while as I’m enjoying the lifestyle change. Although I have relaxed a little with my diet of late.

If someone was thinking about starting out I would say do it, Take the leap!

Jumping on the Manshake is the best thing I did in 2020. The best thing to do is jump onto the ManShakers Facebook group and start a conversation with the men on there, The community there is next level.

The boys on the page are always willing to give advice, support and the much-needed push to stay on track.