There are so many factors that can bring about a bad night’s sleep. Stress, relationship troubles, soreness, illness can all interfere with our sleep, but there are habits we can create to encourage better sleep.

Try some of these simple tips to help you create a routine for a better nights sleep!

Ditch The Late-Night Caffeine and Alcohol 

There is a reason everyone has morning coffee! Caffeine can keep us awake, so avoiding coffee, tea and chocolate for up to six hours before your bedtime will help ease you into rest.

The same can be said for alcohol. Whilst it can initially make you feel tired, when you go to sleep with alcohol in your system you increase your chances of disrupted sleep.

Hit The Bed When You’re Actually Tired

We’ve all been there. Laying in bed thinking about how and when you will fall asleep.

The best way to avoid this from happening is by getting into bed when you are actually tired! Try doing something relaxing like reading a book 30 minutes prior to jumping into bed to calm yourself down and ger your body ready to sleep.

Watch What You Eat

Trying to fall asleep when our stomach is begging for food, or when it’s just been stuffed full is extremely uncomfortable.

Steer clear of large meals before you get into bed, and ensure you allow your body at least 2 hours to digest food before bed!

Start Moving

Regular physical activity has been to proven to generate better, deep sleep. Start exercising daily, even if it is something like a daily walk, to give yourself the best chance of having a better sleep.

Just make sure you don’t move around too much close to your bedtime as it will keep you alert and awake for longer!

Set Up For Sleep

Creating a clean and calm environment in your room is a great way of ensuring a sound night’s sleep.

If not possible naturally, cool, dark and quiet rooms can be created with earplugs, sleep masks or air conditioning.