You’ve lost nearly all of your excess weight, but now you’ve reached that last lot. Unfortunately, the last few kilos are always the hardest to shed.

Don’t stress when this takes longer than the previous weight, it is completely normal! But here are some tips on how to speed up the end of your weight loss program.

Alter Your Diet

Eating the foods every single day can get boring, so change it up! Not only will you look forward to eating more, but your body will appreciate it too.

Sometimes all it takes to lose the last lot of kilos is a change in your diet.

Keep To It On The Weekends

As tempting as it is to completely throw the diet out of the window come Friday afternoon, if you want to jump that last hurdle, stay consistent even on the days starting with S.

Still treat yourself to one cheat meal a week, but don’t go overboard. Those extra two days will go a long way in reaching your goals.

Portion Control

If you haven’t been keeping control of your portion sizes already, you should start now!

Keeping your calorie intake down is how we lose weight, and ensuring that your meal sizes aren’t overblown is an easy way to do this.


While it may be frustrating to not lose the last few kilos, take a step back and appreciate the progress you have already made!

Putting unnecessary pressure and stress on yourself can actually lead to gaining weight. You know you can lose the weight, so just trust yourself and stick with it.

Fill Up On Water

You should be aiming to drink at least 2 litres of water each day, even more, if you can. Water helps suppress our hunger levels and gives our body the energy we need to burn calories.

Plus, it’s calorie-free!