Trying to lose weight is a constant battle between your mind and your stomach rumblings. As good as your mindset is, the feeling of hunger can ruin any diet in a heartbeat. Once your mind starts to think about food and the cravings kick in, it is hard to resist.

However, there are plenty of ways to stay fuller for longer. Here are five tips you can use to fill yourself up and stay full.

Drink Water

While not a glamorous tip, it is a helpful one! Research has shown that drinking water before and after a meal reduces the number of calories you’re body requires. Often when we become hungry, we can suppress it just by drinking a glass of water.

Try keeping a large bottle of water on you throughout the day to remind you to continuously drink water.

Up The Protein

Foods high in protein are a great idea to consume to keep you fuller for longer. While no-meat salads seem like a staple in a healthy diet, you may be starving your body of important protein to fuel yourself, your brain and your muscles.

You can find protein in meat like chicken and beef, salmon, greek yoghurt and eggs!

Snack Attack

Even when your goal is to lose weight, that doesn’t mean you only have to have 3 meals a day. Eating healthy snacks in between these meals will help your curb your appetite, as well as actually aiding in your weight loss!

A few good examples of snacks that will keep you moving until your next meal include fruit, nuts, greek yoghurt, boiled eggs or our Man Bars.

Ditch The White Carbs

White carbs like white rice, pasta, and bread are absorbed into our bodies quickly, meaning that we are hungry sooner after eating them.

Try instead to eat brown carbs like wholemeal or brown rice. The fibre in these foods will help you avoid energy dips and will keep you fuller for longer.

Cut Your Food Into Smaller Pieces

When we cut out food into smaller pieces we are tricking our mind into thinking we are eating more than we are. Instead of 5 bites to finish a snack, we can take 10, thus taking longer to finish the food and giving our body more time to absorb the food.

This can also be done by using smaller plates, bowls or cups when eating. If we eat out of a smaller container it will feel like we have finished a meal as opposed to having to leave uneaten food on the plate.