If there’s one thing Aussie blokes love, it’s a beer.

How much? Well, at the 2018 FIFA world cup the Australian supporters drank a Russian town dry after our first game.

While our love of beer is no doubt in our blood, too much beer does have an unfortunate side-effect – the beer gut.

Fortunately, some beers are lower in calories than others – saving you a lot of calories over the course of a session.

With so many beers on the market now and a massive push into the non-alcoholic beers, they are definitely worth a mention. So we have come up with our top 5 beers for weight loss!

Top 5 beers for weight loss


Better Beer


NEW Better Beer

87 Calories – 4.2% Full – Zero Carbs, Zero Sugar

There is a NEW beer in the mix that has taken off over the last 12 months since we originally wrote this post. Better Beer has taken Australia by storm with it’s award-winning, crisp, and refreshing beer.

We’re not going to complicate things, it’s simply delicious and only 87 calories you can thank us later.



Burleigh Brewing Bighead

88 Calories – 4.2% Full – 0 Carbs

There is a good chance you have never heard about Queensland’s Burleigh Brewing Co before but you won’t forget it after this.

It’s been praised for being the first no-carb beer in Australia, yep none. Now that’s not why we picked it but the fact that it’s only 88 calories and it’s still packed full of flavour and deliciousness I think is a win for everyone.



Hahn – Super Dry Premium Low Carb 330ml

92 Calories – 4.6% Full

Now Hahn Superdry has been around for a while now and whether you hate it or love it we think it’s a stable go-to beer for keeping you on track!

It’s still low carb and has a refreshing taste, the best bit is it’s pretty much at every bottle shop in the country and it’s generally a crowd favourite.



Great Northern – Original 330ml

102 Calories – 4.2% Full

Now the last 2 beers were super low carb and generally, we wouldn’t call GN low carb but that’s not the point of this post anyway. Great Northern is perfect as an all-day sipper and is quite lower in calories than other lager’s on the market.

This beer is easy-going and just made for the great outdoors camping, fishing, or just sitting on the deck watching the barbie.



Coopers – Mid 375ml (Orange)

127 Calories – 3.5% Mid

Now we LOVE coopers for the fact that it’s been an Australian family business now for over 150 years and run by 6 generations completely unbroken so you know they live for beer and the Australian way.

This is the first Mid Strength in our pick and without the use of any additives or preservatives. It still has that distinctive cloudy appearance and full of flavour which keeps things interesting if you’re still drinking beers on your journey.



XXXX Gold – Lager 375ml

109 Calories – 3.5% Mid

There is possibly nothing more Queenslander than XXXX (Wally Lewis close second) It’s the pride of the state so we’re told.

Born in the Sunshine State back in 1878, XXXX can boast over 140 years of brewing excellence. XXXX is an easy-drinking beer that’s big on taste and if you’re in QLD and going to the bar you better be coming back with a Gold.

At only 127 Calories and being a mid-strength it’s a perfect social drink to have without completely derailing yourself.



Stone & Wood – Pacific Ale 330ml

132 Cals – 4.4% Full

The Byron boys from Stone & Wood have produced one of the most popular Australian pale ales. They use Australian ingredients to the highest standards and you can tell from your first sip because it’s bursting with flavour.

Now it’s higher in calories but the Pacific Ale is perfect to mix things up on the weekend or date night with the wife. It’s just so delicious we had to slide it in.


Noteworthy and Surprising Non-Alcoholic beers

  • Heaps Normal – Quite XPA 355ml – 76 Calories – 0.5%
  • Nort – Refreshing Ale 330ml  – 49 Calories – 0.5%
  • Heineken – Zero 330ml – 68 calories – 0.5%
  • Big Drop Brewing – Uptown Craft Lager 330ml – 39 Calories – 0.5%
  • Iron Jack – 114 calories per 375ml
  • Carlton Dry – 125 calories per 375ml
  • James Squires 150 Lashes – 126 calories per 375ml
  • Iron Jack Crisp – 95 calories per 375ml
  • Great Northern Super Crisp – 100 calories per 375ml