Losing weight doesn’t mean you have to lose all the foods you love.

A lot of the time we assume that certain foods would be off the menu if we want to lose weight, when in fact, many of our favourite foods can actually help our weight loss!

Here are five foods that are surprisingly great for losing weight.

Not only can dark chocolate reduce stress levels, but it can help put a stop to any potential sugar cravings that may pop up. This means that eating dark chocolate will help you stick to your diet.

The higher percentage of cocoa the better, so aim for at least 70% when choosing your chocolate at the shops.

Waking you up in the morning isn’t the only thing coffee is good for! Coffee contains antioxidants that help suppress your appetite and can improve performance in exercises like running, cycling and weight training.

Keep in mind that the coffee you get from cafes will not bring about the same positive effects that black coffee will bring, as cappuccinos and lattes are filled with cream, sugar and sweeteners.

Limited alcohol intake is usually better when we are trying to lose weight, as the empty calories in alcohol add up at the end of a big night.

However, some research has shown that red wine in small amounts may prevent obesity by boosting our metabolism. As well as this, red wine in moderation can help us lose stress and can be good for the heart too!

With over 8 grams of protein and 2 grams of fibre per 2 tablespoons, peanut butter really packs a punch.

The best way to incorporate peanut butter into your diet is by mixing it with fruit or veggies.

Having a 200 calorie peanut butter and carrot snack is much healthier for you and more satisfying than 200 calories of potato chips!

Most products like milk and yoghurt that are labelled as low-fat are deceiving, as while there may be less fats in the product, they tend to replace these with sugar and unrefined carbohydrates, which can have a negative effect on your weight loss.

Studies have found that men who drink whole milk as opposed to skim or low-fat milk have a lesser chance of being overweight.

A good variety of dairy in your diet is great for weight loss, just watch the sugar count and keep it all in moderation!