The Man Shake is a dietitian formulated Meal replacement which contains high quality protein, low GI carbohydrates, Fibre and vitamins and minerals required by our body and from our diets for our health and well being. The Man Shake also contains a natural fat burning formula to help assist weight loss.

Whilst I encourage exercise for our overall health and wellbeing, the key to weightloss is your diet.  The great thing about The Man Shake program is it doesn’t require any strenuous exercises in order to acheive results.  As I always say you can’t out train a bad diet. I do recommend trying to move as much as you can, especially walking, as this will speed up your weightloss results.  The man shake will really help you to lose the weight and feel better as it is high in protein and low in sugar and also contains all your vitamins and minerals you require.

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YES! High protein food is perfectly safe for all normal adults. It also contains 25 vitamins and minerals to ensure you receive your daily nutritional requirements.

Inside your bag of The Man Shake is a scoop. Add two level scoops of The Man Shake powder to a shaker that has 400-600ml of water in it.

We have a lot of Diabetic customers who prefer our shakes due to the low sugar content being as low as 1.8grams per 60g serving, but I would suggest consulting your Dr if you have any concerns.

The MAN Shakes are recommended for people over 16 years old as they are classified as a formulated dietary food. However please discuss with your doctor first if your child needs to shed a few kilos.

Please allow up to 10 working days for your order to arrive. If for some reason it has not arrived in that time, please contact us at The Man Shake. Please check your email as you should have received tracking information from Australia Post. Express Post orders placed before 3pm AEST will be shipped same business day. As we want to ensure your order arrives safetly to you , parcels will be taken to the closest Post Office if you are not home for collection. Please check your address as once your order is dispatched we cannot change your details.

The taste of the Lady shakes is exactly the same as the Man Shakes. They have also the same nutritional panel. The main difference between the Man Shake and The Lady shake is they use a different protein blend and fat burning formula.

NO we don’t recommend this as you wont be able to maintain this long term. Remember The MAN Shake is about a new lifestyle NOT a diet so you need something you can maintain for the long term. The MAN Shake is about making better choices and a new way of eating, so it’s about combining The MAN Shakes with healthy snacks and meals to lose weight and maintain for life.

YES after consulting with medical practitioner.

FOREVER! A Harvard study showed people who used meal replacements for 10 years lose far more weight then people who dieted other ways.

Firstly I know it sounds silly but make sure you truly are hungry and it’s not just the habit of eating. Also drink more water. If still hungry add a few extra vegetables to your meal or add a SMALL handful of nuts to your meal plan.

We recommend walking 30min a day as this is great for your body and your mind.

Yes, only a small amount. Some people who are lactose intolerant can tolerate.

This could be medical or dietary. Firstly make sure you are following the program 100% and not accidentally having hidden calories in fruit juices, alcohol, cheeses, etc. Usually the closer you are to your ideal weight the slower it is to get those last few kilojoules off so KEEP GOING as your body will eventually respond.

Please make sure you are drinking at least 2 litres of water a day, this should fix up your constipation right away. Or I would suggest having 1 shake a day with water only, OR if you prefer your 2 Shakes a day, have it with 1 Scoop with water only until your body gets use to having the Shakes. Fish Oil tablets are also good for relieve of constipation.

This is common in the early stages of any change the body faces as your body is detoxifying. Think of what it was digesting before! The best thing you can do is drink lots of water and know this will only last a couple of days. If it persists please stop the program and contact your doctor immediately.

Yes you should follow our recommend program to ensure you get the best results. The program helps to ensure not only that you are eating the correct foods at the right time but to make sure you are eating enough food as many people think they should starve themselves which actually slows down your metabolism and makes losing weight even harder.

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