Brett Spargo, 37 from Seymour, Victoria

From an early age I was always very active. From football & cricket to my main passion long distance running. 

Throughout my primary school years I was regularly selected in the Victorian Track & Field and Cross Country teams to complete against the other states of Australia.

That passion of long distance running through high school burn out and I started to play more Football with my mates. Unfortunately my body was not built for this and after 2 Knee Reconstructions and numerous Hamstring injuries I gave up physical sport at 28yrs old.

Not long after our first born River was born(2014). As I had next to none physical activity the Dad Bod came out very quickly.

Take away lunches regularly for work, regular soft drinks & no portion control of meals. While I could get away with some of it while playing sport the weight was starting to stack on quickly.

Another few years later our second born Billie was born (2017). My weight was creeping up year after year until the start of this year 2021 I was staring down the barrel of 100KG’s.

I had no motivation whatsoever. I was regularly letting my now 7year old son River down by saying “sorry mate Dad’s too tired to kick the footy, go for a bike ride, kick the soccer ball”.

It was my son’s continual asking for his dad to play with him that made me say “I have to do something NOW” I’m not letting my kids down anymore. Strangely enough around the same time my Partner had purchased a bag of “The Lady Shake” and said you should try this.

I was a very sceptical as I’d tried meal replacement shakes before and they had failed massively. I was always so hungry I’d give in within a few days and find the closest fast food takeaway shop.

I finished off the bag of “The Lady Shake” only having 1 shake a day before I decided I was going to give this a red hot crack for my kids but also for me to feel good about myself again.

I made the decision on the 14/02/2021 that I would purchase “The Man Shake” and made my first goals of reaching 80kg’s and completing in my 2nd ever half marathon (21.1km’s) in July this year.

Once my first order of “The Man Shake” arrived I went to 2 shakes a day and stuck at that for 3 straight months.

Meal portion sizes was the hardest for me to shake but with regular walking and drinking more water than I ever have I was able to lose approx 4kg’s a month for those first 3 month’s. I also started having “The Man Bar” for snacks in between shakes and eating fruit which I hadn’t done in years.



To date I have lost 15kg using The Man Shake.

I was never a real breakfast person so having “The Man Shake” was a great way for me to start the day. And with being on the road a lot for work being able to make myself a Man Shake on the run for lunch was so easy.

Unfortunately my planned half marathon run in Melbourne was cancelled because of Covid but it didn’t stop me from completing the half marathon run on my own which I ended up beating my best time by a whopping 8mins. 

I still haven’t hit my target weight of 80kg’s (currently between 81-82kg’s) but I’m now so heavily invested  with being active and eating healthy, I’m sticking with “The Man Shakes” as they now suit my lifestyle so much so I have moved my target weight to 75kg’s and to complete my first full marathon(42.2km’s) in October this year.

I definitely recommend “The Man Shake” as a lifestyle change. I have already had a few of my work mates see and follow my journey that they too have now started on “The Man Shake”.

“The Man Shake” & “The Man Shakers” facebook pages have been so positive and important for people like me. If your wanting a healthy life I recommend checking these pages out.

Read the stories of real people and see what amazing things “YOU” can achieve.



I’ve always been a very sporty person. Even from a young age I was lucky enough to win a couple of state cross country and 800m track titles in primary school. Then was lucky enough to experience a few football, cricket and lawn bowls premierships in my adult years.

But I think this is my greatest sporting achievement. Nearly weight 96kg’s at the start of this year running a marathon wasn’t even a thought in the back of head. Lucky I discovered The MAN Shake and the rest is history. I’m down to 74kg today and finished my first ever marathon.

Having my 2 young children and my parents cheering me over the finish line at the MCG this morning absolutely made this even more special.

The last 12 weeks I have trained hard for this event. 2 previous half marathons I’d entered this year where canceled because of Covid. Even with all the training, my aim was to 1st finish and 2nd do it in time roughy between 3hrs 20mins and 3hrs 30mins.

Reaching the finish line I achieved the time of 3hrs 2mins. I seriously don’t know how I kept my pace up for so long sitting with the 3hr pacemakers till the last 6-7km’s when I started to hit the wall.

The first one is always extra special