When it comes to weight loss, it is all about what, and how much you eat. But as you start your weight loss journey it helps to be aware of some common habits that can hurt any progress.

Here are seven bad habits that you may not have known can hurt your weight loss!

Not Eating Enough Vegetables

Vegetables provide so many health benefits that we can’t afford to miss out on, such as gut-healthy fibre and immune-protecting antioxidants. These two benefits, plus many more all aid in weight loss. Vegetables keep you fuller for longer and can make any meal healthy.

If you do find yourself struggling to reach your vegetable requirements every day, try our Chocolate Super Greens – an easy, quick and tasty way to hit your veggie goal!

Skipping Meals

You might think that if you skip out on a meal a day your calorie intake will be down and you will lose weight! Unfortunately, this is not true.

Skipping meals leaves you tired, hungry and with a slower metabolism, as your body is now playing catch up.

An easy way to avoid skipping meals is to plan your meals and plan when you are going to have them. Follow a rough eating timeline each day to develop a healthy routine.

Neglecting Water

When we are dehydrated, our bodies often confuse thirst for hunger, leading you to overeat. A good way to test if you are actually hungry is to have a glass of water, and then wait to see if you are still hungry after.

The best way to ensure you are drinking enough water each day is to always carry a drink bottle around with you. This way, whenever you are thirsty you can have some water. Plus you have the ability to drink as much as you want as you can refill your bottle.

Not Stocking Your Freezer And Pantry Up

If your pantry and freezer are both empty come dinner time, your ability and desire to cook a healthy meal goes out the window, as you go to the takeaway shop.

Ensure that when you are grocery shopping you are covering all of the food groups – fruit, vegetables, beans, dairy and lean meats – so even if you are running behind schedule, you will still have time to whip up a healthy home-cooked meal.

Eating Whilst Looking At A Screen

I know that snacks and TV go together so well, but the problem with this is that it makes it far too easy to over-eat. Whilst you’re glued to the screen you’re not focusing on the food you’re putting into your body. Or importantly, how much food.

Make your meals and snacks something you look forward to. Take your time eating and keep the screens out of it!

Not Cleaning Your Kitchen

A dirty kitchen can turn off anyone from cooking dinner. After a day at work, we are always tossing up whether to cook or buy takeaway. If the kitchen isn’t in immaculate condition when we get home, then that decision has been made for us.

Uncleaned kitchens can be the catalyst for poor food choices and unhealthy habits. Take the time to clean after you cook and eat each meal, or even better, clean as you go!

Skipping Out On Sleep

The feeling of waking up and knowing you have underslept is a terrible one, but will it make it worse knowing that a bad night’s sleep could also negatively affect your belly?

Studies have shown that people who sleep less end up eating more throughout the day, and often these foods are high in sugar as they are trying to pick themselves up.

Make sure you are getting between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night. Just like meals, start to plan your sleeping times. Bring back the bedtime!