Losing weight and “getting healthy” can be an absolute minefield at the best of times. With so many nutritionists, personal trainers, doctors and random people on the internet it’s pretty easy to be confused.

Everything we do here at The Man Shake is to make losing weight and life easier for every single one of you!

One of the biggest things we see is the age-old battle of good food vs bad food.

Boys, it’s time to come back to reality and the honest truth is there is no such thing as good food and bad food. Now we’re not saying you can go eat a bucket of KFC every day but once a week a zinger box is great for motivation and isn’t going to send you spiralling out of control. Sure there is food that has more nutritional value than the other but it doesn’t have to be labelled this or that.

Starting on this journey you really need to change your mindset and approach food differently if you are going to lose weight and keep it off for the rest of your life.



Now we have written other blogs like “6 foods that will make you gain weight” that may seem contradictive to what we are about to talk about but the foods listed in that blog are highly processed and have little to no nutritious value.

Sure they are delicious but if you think you can eat them all day, every day no amount of The Man Shake is going to balance it out.

Now some foods can actually be “bad” for you if your body has a type of medical condition.

For example, if you’ve got kidney disease, a high protein intake is probably really bad for you. However, if you’ve got healthy kidneys and you regularly exercise, a high protein intake is probably pretty good for you.

At the same time, if you’ve got liver disease, alcohol intake is probably really bad for you. However, if you’ve got a healthy liver and borderline high cholesterol, moderate alcohol intake is probably pretty good for you.

Too much of anything, even a good thing, can become bad real quick.



The short answer is we need to stop looking for scapegoat foods and instead, start taking responsibility for the actual food we put in our mouths.

I know this blog is dragging on but it’s because it’s important and the main thing is that you can take away these 3 important things.

1. Stop looking at food in a good vs. bad situation. A mindset like that will lead you to poor decision making and a lot of confusion.

2. Stop avoiding and worrying about “Bad Food” and focus on eating foods that are more natural or less processed and eat a wide variety of them so that you never obsess too much on any single natural food.

3. Now your diet is on point then look at the rest of your daily life and focus on proper rest, exercise, and play so that your body is ready for your new diet of wholesome food.

So hopefully this gives you a better understanding of how to approach food. It just takes a little thought, decision-making, and perspective. Remember that life is to be enjoyed and having pizza delivered, your go-to beers and some chocolate mud cake are fine every now and then.