Hi I’m Ryan, 34, from Adelaide SA. I’ve lost 90kg using The Man Shake.

I’ve always been the “big guy”, never really had any major health issues from it but always felt like I was hampered from enjoying certain things in life because of my weight. Having to make excuse to why I couldn’t get involved in things or go to certain places ,then sitting home miserable about it.

I started working in sales at 25 and about 110kgs I found over 9 years I was adding about 10kgs a year to my weight and not really noticing, just slowly but surely buying bigger clothes and feeling more and more tired by the end of each day.

Boarding a plane on a trip to NZ with my wife and hearing a kid say to his mum “wow, that’s the biggest man I’ve ever seen” was a bit of an eye opener to how big id become.

But the turning point was finding myself in hospital suffering from what I thought was a heart attack, turns out it was just a panic attack but it was enough for me to think, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH I need to do something about this if I want to live past 40.

At first, I just wanted to drop a few kgs to have more energy and be able to get around doing daily things without being knackered.

Then it became evident that my wife and I will one day start a family and I wanted to make sure I was around for them and I wasn’t going to be able to do that the way I was heading. I also just wanted to make sure I stopped having to make excuses for myself and stop missing out on activities because I was too big. It had really began to effect my mental health and I was always feeling down.

My biggest roadblock was definitely myself. Constantly making excuses to not do anything about it and having that I’ll do it one day attitude. I had to take a good hard look in the mirror and understand that If I didn’t do something about my weight I was not going to be around for long.

Really needed to make that mentality switch from “one day” to “today’s the day”.

I have so much more confidence now I’ve lost some of the weight, being able to walk into a normal clothes shop and pick something up off the rack is the greatest feeling. I feel so much more energetic and happier. I sleep better, wake up better, and have a get-up and go attitude towards each day.

The Man Shake was very easy to fit into my daily life, being an office worker I often found myself not eating breakfast or lunch and then having a huge dinner. Other days I would graze on lollies or cakes that people had around the place or Uber junk food.

Being able to take the thought process out of deciding what to eat each day and simply scheduling a breakfast shake and a lunch shake, allowed me to fuel my body at the right times of the day and then simply incorporate a couple of healthy snacks and a portion-controlled dinner It became simple to follow.

I now enjoy a vast variety of foods I never even thought about eating before whilst still having my 2 shakes a day, I’m never hungry.

To put it simply… IT WORKS! I’ve actually inspired a few colleagues, mates, and even my father to have a crack at it to help drop a few kgs. I tell everyone that whilst it isn’t a magic potion to lose weight, it is a way to reprogram the way you think about food and ensure that you are consuming something and keeping your metabolism going throughout the day.

The program is so easy to follow and as long as you commit to it and stop making excuses you cant fail.

Now I’ve lost the weight I’ve been able to run 5km in under 25 minutes, which was a fitness goal I set. My pants size has dropped from a 48 to a 34 and my shirt size from an 8xl to a large!

I imagine that the Man Shake will be my breakfast choice for the long term, it makes sure I have something healthy in my system to kickstart the day and takes out the worry of planning what to eat.

Don’t wait for anymore. Understand that the only person stopping you from losing weight is yourself. Stop making excuses and start making better choices instead. You’ll thank yourself later.