A healthy dinner is the key to suppressing late-night food cravings, so it is important to have habits in place that can help you keep dinner time a stress-free, enjoyable part of your day.

Here are five healthy habits you can incorporate to help with your last meal of the day.

Eat Foods You Like

This one should be a no brainer! If you punish yourself with foods you don’t enjoy just because they are healthy you are more likely to dig into the bad stuff later.

Now obviously don’t go and eat all the bad food you enjoy, but create a balanced diet using the foods you like.

Have A Plan

After a day of work, the last thing you want to have to stress over is what to decide to have for dinner. That is why you need to have a plan. Whether that is a weekly meal plan with each night sorted out, or if you decide in the morning is up to you.

But don’t leave the trip to the groceries to the last minute! If you do you are more likely to eat less healthy foods or even cave into take-away.

Have Leftovers

Cooking every night sometimes just isn’t an option, so the best way to avoid take-out is by eating leftovers from the night before.

By cooking extra on one night you are ensuring that you will be eating healthy the next night, and it will give you a night of rest! Two birds with one stone.

Don’t Starve Yourself Before Dinner

If you are holding off on snacking prior to dinner to ensure you have room for dinner, you aren’t doing yourselves any favours.

Schedule in afternoon snacks like fruit, nuts or our Man Bars to keep you moving until dinner and to make sure you don’t overeat come dinner time.

Keep The Pantry and Freezer Full

Keeping your pantry and freezer filled with foods like rice, vegetables, beans and canned tuna ensures that you are always able to whip up a healthy meal even if you don’t have time to get to the shops.

If you know you’re not going to have time to shop later in the week, stock up earlier in the week to help your future self out.